Welcome to Harriet Thayre Photography. Every section of this site is unique, covering various loves and interests, ranging from university projects, to commissions, to weddings, to travel.

As a creative individual with a heart for charity work, Harriet’s main aim throughout her practice is to bring to light the issues that surround us. Working in a documentary style allows her to capture people in a natural and truthful way. She believes that photography is a great way of communicating with the world, and through her work she hopes to provoke a response from those viewing it and open people’s eyes to issues often forgotten or ignored.

I am also passionate about wedding photography and all things LOVE! Take a look at the Wedding photo albums and packages to find out more about me capturing your special day.

If you have any enquiries about what you see, or want any more information, please find all details on the ‘contact me’ page, and feel free to send a message.